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just content


20 articles each month

No word count limit

AI-created first draft, only GPT-4 Turbo used

Human edited/rewritten

SEO optimized with Frase


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content + links

$999 monthly

20 articles each month

2-5 links each month, DR 10+

100% Manual Outreach

Content optimized with Frase

Links 12-Point Quality Assessed

Mix of guest posts and link insertions

Content keyword research included

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just links


2-5 links

Ahrefs DR 10+

No PBNs or Link Farms

100% Manual Outreach

12-Point Quality Checklist Assessed

Mix of guest posts and link insertions

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Yes, but please note that we’re not always able to accommodate this as it is up to the blogger to input the anchor text.

Please refer to the packages above for the range of links we secure for you.

Maybe. We do request that bloggers and site owners don’t give us no-follow links, but every so often one does. And you won’t pass-up a nofollow link from a great site, right? Neither do we.

No, HARO is not included in these packages.

Ideally, as long as the sites we secure the links from stays live. However, we do guarantee live link placement for 12 months. In the event that a link is removed, we will replace it with an equivalent link.

No, at this time we are unable to secure links in casino/gambling, cannabis/CBD, payday loans, etc. If you’re not sure about your site, just reach out to us at and we’ll take a look and let you know.

However, we are actively working on being able to serve everyone, so pease check back for updates.

While we cannot guarantee specific results, generally our clients see movement within a few weeks to a few months time. It really varies not only by site, but by the niche that you’re operating in. Keep in mind that if you’re in a highly competitive niche and only order our Budget package then it will take longer for you to see the results you expect.

Unless there is something very wrong that we missed (such as links out to sites generally considered ‘bad neighborhoods’), then we do not offer any changes. Our team spends a lot of time finding and vetting sites. And we’re really good at not only finding great sites, but also sniffing out PBNs and link farms. We also don’t work off any public lists of sites that sell links.

No. Our team puts in a lot of time doing manual outreach for each client, in addition to creating content for the guest posts.

This varies for every order we get because we have to identify targets and then do our outreach. After that, we have to wait for the website owner to put up our guest post content so that the link goes live. On average, this takes anywhere between 3 weeks and 8 weeks.

Yes, your link will always appear in a niche-relevant article. However, we aren’t always able to guarantee that it ends up on a 100% niche relevant site. We do strive for both site and article niche relevancy, but it’s just not always possible. You wouldn’t pass up a link from Car & Driver to your non-automotive site, would you? Neither would we.

No, we never force you to sign a contract for our services.

For our content orders, the average TAT is currently 10-20 business days.

We don’t have a word count limit because we don’t charge by the word. Since you pay by the article, we create content that is as long as it needs to be.

Yes, you can view content samples here.

Yes, we use AI for our first drafts and our article outlines. Then the content is human-edited and optimized in Frase. Our editors are all native-English speakers.

If you’ve never used AI content tools for outlines or first drafts, here’s how it works –

For outlines: the AI tool scrapes the top 15-25 ranking posts for the target keyword and either creates an outline for you based on that, or lets you select the most used H2s to create the outline.

For content: some AI tools scrape the web using your outline in order to craft the content, while others (like chatGPT) rely on previous data scraping to create the content. AI content is often wordy and repetitive. Sometimes it makes up facts. That’s where we come in and clean up that text with some editing, minor rewriting, and light fact-checking.

Currently, we use several tools and each article is made from at least two of these tools.

For outlines, we use Frase and Koala.

For content creation, we use Zimmwriter, Cuppa, chatGPT Plus, and Koala. Please note that we ALWAYS use GPT4 for our AI first drafts.

For content optimizing, we use Frase.

Yes, but not in-depth. Our team does basic fact checking for the big details – like making sure people mentioned actually exist, etc. We know that AI tools have a tendency to make things up, and they’re only as good as the ranking content that they use as source material.

We don’t give you content that we wouldn’t publish on our own sites. Just remember, our first draft is AI-created.

We’ve been honing our process with custom prompting and constantly evolving SOPs since December 2022. After 9 months of fine tuning and publishing test content on our own sites to see how it performs in the SERPs, we landed on our current process.

Is the quality what you’d get from a subject matter expert? Probably not.

Is the quality as good as what’s delivered by most content agencies? Yes, if not better.

As a general rule, no, beacause our editors make sure that your content won’t need revised. If you think we’ve totally botched something, we’ll take a look on a case-by-case basis.

We do not offer revisions for things like preferring a different structure or content focus. Our team uses our own SEO and conversion-optimized SOPs for content creation and structure.

Since we are using AI content for outlines and first drafts, please understand how these tools work. AI content is often wordy and repetitive. Sometimes it makes up facts. That’s where we come in and clean up that text with some editing, minor rewriting, and light fact-checking.

For an additional fee, we offer uploading and featured images.

Otherwise, no, we do not upload content for content-only orders. Instead, we deliver the content to you with a link on Google Docs or Frase so that you can copy or download it as you see fit.

Only if we’ve not yet started work on your project.

Only if you order a monthly package, otherwise you can buy keyword research as an add-on at a cost of $200 for every 10 keywords/article topics – just reach out to us after placing your content order to get this add-on.

Yes, but do note that we currently only support the Amazon affiliate program for any affiliate content.


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