Pinterest Growth Results From Our Clients

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By Shawna Newman

Looking to be less reliant on organic search or paid ads? Our Done-for-You Pinterest Social Media Management service is a great way to grow a new traffic stream in visual niches.

With as little as three daily pins posted to your Pinterest account, you can start to see some great growth from Pinterest as a new traffic source for your site.

While a Pinterest strategy works best for highly visual niches, it can end up delivering results in almost any niche.

As little as 3 pins per day is all you need to start seeing really great results.

Here’s what we’ve seen with some of our clients on the three daily pins plan.

History Niche Performance On Pinterest After 30 Days

This client came to us last month with a one-month old Pinterest account that only had 5 pins.

The site owner wanted to do Pinterest on her own, but found that she just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it.

She wasn’t fully convinced that Pinterest would work for her niche, and quite honestly, we didn’t know how well it would do either.

We advised her to start with our lowest plan of just 3 daily pins.

After one month, this is the results of our 3x pins daily for her history site:

Pinterest last 30 days-history month one

Needless to say, I think we were both surprised by how well this has been going for the first month of daily pinning.

After seeing such promising results, this client upgraded to 20 daily pins. We are still in the first month of that new strategy, but expect this client to reach 1K monthly outbound clicks much faster at this new daily pinning rate.

Fitness Niche Performance On Pinterest After 30 Days

This client came to us one month ago with an existing Pinterest account with almost 3,000 existing pins that were a mixture of pins for her site as well as others.

But, she had done zero pinning in the last 3 years.

Since she was already getting over 1K monthly outbound clicks to her site, she opted to start with our 3x daily pins plan to re-energize her Pinterest account.

After 30 days of 3x daily pins, she has already seen a 15% increase in clicks out to her site.

Pinterest last 30 days-fitness month 1

Of course, fitness is a niche that traditionally does quite well on Pinterest, so it is not surprising to see immediate results here.

Automotive Niche Performance On Pinterest After Almost Four Months

This client came to us with an existing Pinterest account that was already sending a small amount of traffic to his site.

He signed up for our 3x daily pinning service and this is what his stats looked like before we got started –

Startng stats Pinterest-automotive

Before our team got to work, this client was seeing 401 outbound clicks to his site from Pinterest.

We are close to finishing up the fourth month of working on this site and the clicks out to his site have increased by a good rate for a niche that isn’t traditionally a popular one on Pinterest.

Pinterest last 30 days-automotive month four almost over

What Can You Expect From Pinterest?

As you can see from the client results above, even at the lowest velocity of daily pinning you can still send good traffic to your website with Pinterest.

But that amount of traffic really varies by niche.

For example, the Fitness and Automotive clients above are close in the number of impressions their pins are receiving on Pinterest, but there is a big difference in the outbound clicks.

Even if you’re not in a popular niche, Pinterest can still be a viable source of traffic for your site.

The real key to success with Pinterest is consistency with your pinning. And when you combine that with velocity you can scale your Pinterest traffic quickly.

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