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Our dedicated writer service is a NO AI zone and it is 100% human created, from outline to finished article.

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$1,799 monthly

1 dedicated writer

Average 750 words daily (20 days – no weekends)

Consistent style and quality

100% human written

Optimized with Frase

No contracts – cancel at any time

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$2,999 monthly

1 dedicated writer

Average 1500 words daily (20 days – no weekends)

Consistent style and quality

100% human written

Optimized with Frase

No contracts – cancel at any time

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Our writers work Monday through Friday only. That means no weekends, and no American holidays. This means they work an average of 20 days each month.

We don’t like to give a specific amount because each order is different and we certainly don’t want our writers to rush through your project. Our writers are 100% about quality over quantity.

But, here’s an idea of the word count average for orders we’ve done. For the basic plan, that has been averaging around 15,000 words a month. For the premium plan, that average has been around 30,000 words a month.

If we have limited revision requests and the writer doesn’t spend an excessive amount of time researching, then there’s a good probability of more words than average.

We recommend that you give us new keywords/briefs as you have them so that your writer can work on them once they finish the initial batch. Any keywords not done in a month will get carried over to the next month.

We don’t have a specific number as this varies and depends on things such as number of revisions and research required for each article.

For the basic plan, the average is around 15,000 words a month. For the premium plan, that average is around 30,000 words a month.

If the topics we’re writing for you are technical or require more research than normal, we find it works best when we give your writer some extra time to work their magic so they’re not feeling pressured, which would just undermine their ability to focus on delivering excellent content.

Typically, we aim to get you an article every 72 hours – just remember that we don’t work on weekends or American holidays!

We don’t have a specific number of revisions that are allowed. Instead, we focus on what we call reasonable revisions.

A complete and total rewrite is not a reasonable revision. Minor tweaks here and there is a reasonable revision. Other requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

All articles are edited by our in-house editorial team, so there shouldn’t be any major revisions that need to be done.

To get started, we’ll just need a list of the content that you want us to create as well as any relevant information about the website to give the writer more brand context. Of course, the more details you can give us, the better because it means we’re more like to meet your expectations.

We can work with either, but you’re more likely to get what you want if you can give us a brief or at least more details than a keyword.

We don’t really do a formal onboarding process. Once you place your order, you are asked to submit your keywords so that we can get started.

From there we’ll slowly ease your writer into your business and niche over the course of the first week. After that we pick up the pace. This means you might not get an article every 72 hours that first week.

Are writers are all American and college-educated.

No, our writers are generalists who are excellent at researching any topic and crafting high quality content.

We try to get your articles as ready-to-publish as they can be. Packages do not include uploading and image sourcing, but we can do that as an add-on for $300 per month.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on this. Just keep in mind that the more formatting the writer has to do, then the less time they have to dedicate on writing new content for you.

No, our dedicated writer service has a strict no-tolerance policy for AI content tools. Each article you receive from us has only the human touch.

Articles are optimized in Frase by our editing team, but if you prefer us not to do that just let us know.

If you don’t mind AI being used, then our more affordable AI-optimized content options may be better suited for you.

No because AI content detection tools are notorious for false positives. We have our own way of tracking our writers to ensure that no AI content writing tools are used.

We run all content through plagiarism checkers before delivering it to you to ensure that it is original. Any writer discovered plagiarizing from other sources is immediately removed from all projects.

No, to ensure that we can delivery the highest quality content there are some topics/niches that we do not service.

We also do not write product reviews. We only write informational content.

Niches/topics we cannot service:

  • Medical topics that require professional expertise
  • Legal topics that require professional expertise
  • Anything adult-oriented
  • Anything cannabis/CBD-related
  • Anything gambling-related
  • Anything illegal or hate-speech focused

If you’re not certain that you fall into one of those categories, feel free to reach out to us before ordering.

We send over the content as a Google doc, but may be able to meet other requests. Just reach out to us.

Because our team gets to work as soon as your order is submitted, we may not be able to make changes for you.

But, if we have not yet started on what you want to modify, then we make every effort to accommodate you. This includes things like changing a keyword. Please not that we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your modifications.


Due to the nature of our work, we do not offer cancellations or refunds once we accept your keywords/topic list. This is because we start work on your project immediately.

By placing your order with us, you agreed to this in our terms and conditions.

Once you have paid us and we have delivered the content to you, the copyright transfers to you. Think of our team as a work-for-hire situation where you own the intellectual property rights of the delivered content.


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